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  • Chicken / Egg; Habit or Mindset?

    You make change via changing your thoughts, but how do you remember to change your thoughts? Habits might present a clue….

  • Feeeeeeelings!

    In a pretty nice, dry way for now.

  • Which Intelligence?

    We’re used to evaluating HOW intelligent, not WHICH intelligent. This is a fun way to divide it up! Only quasi-scientific, but I think there’s a cultural understanding that makes this…. logical? Maybe. Super useful, either way!

  • Where does happy come from?

    Where does happy come from?

    A quiz to uncover where you get your happiness from, and where you might be neglecting to look. Enjoy!

  • Celebration! sucks?

    It’s not always comfy, anyway. 6-question quiz for you, on where celebrations you deserve might be hiding…