Plans VS Illustrations

Future you from logic, VS from feelings

As an architect – I know how to plan, and create crystal-clear plans.

Plans are great!

AND – when we wanted a client to _really_ understand and want what we’d drawn – we’d make an illustration or a rendering.

When you think about your future – are you making plans, or making illustrations?

(You totally want both…)

Plan (technically this is an elevation. But it’s from a set of plans)

Same building corner, illustrated.

How much better can you imagine yourself there? Can you WANT yourself there?

Even the very blurriest illustration can give a sense of reality, of “I could go there!”, that even the most precise plan can’t.

The secret sauce is:

Emotions are our illustrations of our future plans. How it will FEEL is what draws us in and motivates us.

I’ve a quick quiz to help you think about the broad blocks of emotions you’d like in your future – come dive in!

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