Eeyore or Tigger?

Eeyore or Tigger: the pessimist/optimist divide. You probably identify well with one or the other – let’s look at it and add some nuance! Do you want to be Eeyore? Do you want more Tigger in your life?

It’s really about optimism or pessimism – there’s some very specific thought patterns that lead you to one or the other.

And there’s an “Eeyore’s Birthday Party” festival held in Austin, TX every year – fun fact!

2 replies on “Eeyore or Tigger?”

Thanks, Beth, this was a fun quiz! I suppose that I am a bit more Tigger than Eeyore in terms of optimism, but as a kid reading the stories, I always *liked* Eeyore better. I’ve always had a soft spot for curmudgeons, and I love his snarky humor! (It was also fun reading his lines out loud to my daughter when she was little.)

😀 Glad you enjoyed it! I like Eeyore a lot too – it’s so interesting how it looks from the outside vs how it might feel on the inside. Tigger looks like a lot of fun to live in, a little less fun to deal with!

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