Ennui to Adventure

when you’ve built a life you *thought* you’d love

Hi, I’m Beth!

I help people like you – who are, in theory, living the dream – to step out of their painful boredom into a life that feels like an adventure.

As an architect who has grown through that exact scenario and went all in on the adventure lifestyle….

I’m dedicated to freeing you from the mental traps that keep you spinning in unhappiness, so that you can choose or re-choose your own life adventure.

After we were done all I could think was “wow Beth is a fantastic coach!”

Lindsay Studebaker

Proud to be certified with the Life Coach School – rigorous education and the very best tools!
Also a Certified Life Coach and Hypnotist with the Center for Integrative Hypnosis. Hypnosis can do some really heavy lifting in the process of change; makes everything easier!